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What is a fixed annuity?


A fixed annuity is a tax-deferred retirement savings asset that provides fixed asset accumulation. The interest earned in your fixed annuity is not taxed until withdrawn, and your principal is guaranteed. When you set up an annuity you can get lifetime income immediately, or you can delay income or you can let it sit and grow. It all depends on the client and their financial needs. If you are purchasing an annuity you can also change where you allocate your money each year. *Which this is something I do with my clients. We review and I make suggestions at your renewal date.

Can I roll my 401K or IRA into an ANNUITY?

Rolling over your individual retirement account (IRA) or 401(k) into an annuity creates an IRA annuity. (A type of qualified annuity.) You can roll funds, or you can deposit funds- tax free directly into the new annuity.

Why roll over retirement savings into an ANNUITY?

Rolling over a lump sum of your retirement savings turns the money into a guaranteed lifetime income. You can roll over several different types of retirement plans such as; IRA’s, 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans or a lump sum pension payment.

Benefits of Rolling your money or purchasing an Annuity with a lump sum:

1. Guaranteed no Market Loss

2. Income for life

3. Avoids PROBATE

4. No FEES

5. Death Benefit

6. Terminal Illness Coverage

7. Other Health Illness Coverage

8. Mortgage Protection

******I personally charge no FEES to manage your ANNUITY!!!

Depending on how you set up your retirement plan and if you used pre-taxed dollars or after tax dollars.

Pre-taxed dollars/Qualified Funds: You are still going to defer those taxe and not pay Uncle Same till you withdraw from the policy.

Post-taxed dollars/Non-Qualified Funds: You will not pay income tax on the withdrawals.

When can I roll my money over?

· If you have quit your job or moved jobs- You can roll those funds, because now they have become unmanaged funds.

· The government allows you one rollover once a year when you turn 59.5.

· You can roll your money when you retire.

I would love to help you with protecting your life savings.

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