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Retirement Protection

401k,TSP, 403b, 457 plan Rollovers & Traditional/Roth IRA Transfers

Retirement Protection with Qualified Funds: An eligible rollover distribution is a distribution from a qualified retirement plan to another qualifying retirement plan. This type of rollover allows you to continue deferring your taxes. Example of this type of rollover is retiring or leaving a career with a 401k.


Retirement Protection with Non- Qualified Funds: Non- Qualified Money simply means it is money that has already been taxed. In some cases a client will need to transfer funds instead of a rollover. A transfer simply means we are transferring money to the same type of vehicle. Example: Moving an IRA to another IRA vehicle.


The Federal Government allows you to protect your funds after you reach 59.5 with one tax free rollover per year. 

We create a guaranteed monthly income for the rest of your life that can supplement your Social Security. We do ensure that you never outlive your money in retirement and you won't pay income taxes on your money until it is withdrawn. 

Other Added Benefits for allowing us to roll your qualified retirement plan could include:

-Annual floor protection of 0%

-Interest credit lock-in

-Lifetime withdrawals

-Lifetime Guarantee

-Nursing Home Benefit

-Terminal Illness Benefit

-Home Health Benefit

-Death Benefit

-Bypasses Probate

TSP Rollovers
401 (k) Rollovers
403 (b) Rollovers
457(b) Rollovers
IRA (Roth & Traditional) Transfers
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