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Lyndsee Woods is the founder of LKT Dynasty Group. She is the single Mom of 3 children; Lucas, Kynzlee and Tristyn Rex. She founded LKT when she needed flexibility to her career and knew it was not possible working 60 hour weeks. She wanted to have it all; the career, the home life and the flexibility.

​Lyndsee chose Asset Protection and Insurance Financial Advising for many reasons, but the one at the top of her list was her Mom. She became disabled when Lyndsee was only 12 years old. Without a doubt she wished she had someone that could have helped her the way she helps people everyday. 

​Lyndsee believes that protecting your family is one of the most important aspects you can do in life. Everyone should have a plan for retirement and understand that plan. Being prepared and making sure your money is protected and you are maximizing your profitability with guarantee no losses! Lyndsee also understands that debt is a major concern for most families. She is ecstatic to be able to help people get out of debt in 9 years or less without spending anymore money. 

​Lyndsee graduated from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri with a Business Management Degree. She is a Arkansas Notary Public and an active member of NAIFA. Lyndsee has taken a pledge to always put her clients' best interests ahead of their own. She belongs at the National and state levels so that she can participate in advocacy at both levels. 

Lyndsee Woods

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Justin Ditmore

Vice President

Accomplished Financial Counselor and Retirement Plan Advisor with years of success in wealth management and financial planning. Financial professional with extensive knowledge of stocks, bonds, and investments. Efficiently define strategies, develop execution plans and measure performance. Focused on promoting safety and productivity across multiple business lines. Advanced knowledge of applying trend analysis to create value for customers and profitability for the company. Well-versed in all aspects of new business development and client engagement, with a keen capacity for executing effective, data-driven, targeted marketing & sales campaigns that deliver tangible results for both company and client. Expertise in accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, fixed assets, general ledger, journal entries, reconciliation, data review, closings, vendor relations & maintenance, and prepare analysis, summaries of accounts, and many more.

From a small town in Pennsylvania, enjoy outdoor activities mostly involving the beach. Relocated to Tampa Florida within the last year to be around a more active environment to continue bettering the investing universe. Always reading a personal development book so please reach out if you need any recommendations!

Very active in the community through volunteering and philanthropy work. Sit on a board of governors for a non-profit  that focuses on building men of character and contributing to the SeriousFun camp for terminally ill children. Planning to start my own non-profit to address the complications facing the community due to the opioid crisis that ravaged Western PA and many other areas. 

Always up for a car show or anything to do with food. Former chef so yes I know the best spots to eat!

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China Wilds

Medicare Vice President & Advanced Market Account Manager

Meet China Wilds, a loving and dynamic mother who has dedicated several successful years to helping families in advanced marketing and Medicare.China's passion for assisting others and her expertise in the field have made her a valuable resource for countless individuals seeking guidance and support.China's friendly and approachable nature has endeared her to her clients, who often describe her as a beacon of support during challenging times. Her genuine care for others shines through in every interaction, as she goes above and beyond to ensure families feel heard, understood, and empowered to make the best choices for their loved ones.Outside of her professional endeavors, China is a devoted mother to her own children. She brings the same warmth, compassion, and creativity to her family life, making sure her loved ones thrive in a nurturing environment. With her extensive experience in advanced marketing and Medicare, combined with her loving and friendly nature, she continues to positively impact the lives of families in need. 

Dineyah Redo

Medicare Assistant Manager & Advanced Market Account Manager

Dineyah Redo is a remarkable woman who embodies the spirit of achievement and a proud graduate of Appalachian State University, where she honed her knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the world. For many years, she has selflessly dedicated herself to serving her community as a passionate advocate for the American Red Cross. In addition to her community advocacy, Dineyah has also pursued professional excellence in her career, as she is  licensed in several states, showcasing her expertise in advanced market strategies and Medicare. Dineyah's extensive knowledge in these areas allows her to guide individuals through complex decisions, ensuring they have the best possible coverage and financial security. Her creative problem-solving skills, combined with her intelligence and dedication, make her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking guidance in insurance matters. Her accomplishments reflect her unwavering commitment to making a difference, and her friendly demeanor ensures that those around her feel supported and cared for.

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Jill Stephenson

Advanced Market Account Manager

Jill Stephenson spent over 20 years in corporate leadership positions within the financial industry. 

In her eyes, being a mother to Benjamin Kopp was her largest blessing and gave her life meaning. At age 13, Ben vowed to serve his country and expressed this with such determination. She knew then, that her son was destined for greatness. As a result of his determination, Ben became an Army Ranger and served with the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. On July 10, 2009, Jill received a phone call that would change her life forever. 

During his third deployment, but first in Afghanistan, Ben saved the lives of six of his fellow soldiers before being wounded during a firefight. He survived his injuries long enough to make it back to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Due to the severity of his injuries, Ben was unable to overcome the trauma. He was declared brain dead and removed from life support. Before his death, Ben ensured his living will state that he donate all his organs, including bone, skin and tissue. His donations saved or enhanced the lives of 60 people. His heart still beats in a woman who resides in Winnetka, Illinois.

Jill speaks nationwide and is an active advocate for organizations such as the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors and American Gold Star Mothers. Jill is able to provide peerless wisdom that exudes strength and encouragement because of her experiences in her career and personal life. Through her adversities she has found the hidden blessings. 

Jill has now made it her mission to help protect Military Families with their financial needs, legacy planning and preparing for the unknowns of the future. 


My team and I look forward to working with you. 


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