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Why hasn’t my financial advisor told me about this?

Tax-Free Retirement Accounts (TFRA’s)

Did you know that Qualified retirement accounts were just established in 1978 and actually it was by accident? Congress passed the Revenue Act of 1978 which added the Internal Revenue code- Section 401(k), which allowed employees to avoid being taxed on deferred compensation.

Since the 80’s 401(k)’s have pretty much replaced pensions for most American workers.

401(k)’s have maximum contribution limits which depend on the plan, employees salary and government guidelines…. Most Baby Boomers had a pension plan.. They also saved money differently back then. They didn't keep money in the bank either- because they lived through the Great Depression! They understand money loss and poverty, because they lived it!

Most American’s are trusting the market to do well.. to WIN in retirement! They are entrusting Wall Street with their hard earned money! Most people aren’t really sure what their money is in or where it is… They have no idea what they are actually invested in, other than a 401k…..

401K- Are Fully Taxed

· You pay taxes on growth

· Your growth & principal is not guaranteed

· Your money is not liquid (Up to 10% penalty for early withdrawal)

Some people think the best route is a Roth IRA… Which- We disagree!

You don’t pay taxes on growth, but…..

· You can only deposit $6,000/year

· Growth & principal isn’t guaranteed

· Not liquid (10% early withdrawal penalty)

TFRA is…. (Tax-FREE Retirement)

· You never pay taxes on growth, EVER!

· You can deposit as much as you want!

· You never report income to the IRS, EVER!

· Your growth is guaranteed!

· Your money is 100% liquid! @ all ages!

Financial advisors typically don’t tell people about this option, because they are trained to teach clients on financial vehicles their company tells them to recommend… Most Financial Advisors don’t know that accounts like this exist or how to set them up tax-free…. It is not a main focus for Financial Advisors.

More than half the population has a taxable qualified retirement plan, because of the Government accidentally creating a retirement tool for the Government to make more money. -It is a sad day that the Government has more vested in your retirement plan than you do and over half the population has one in place. People will not see this as a problem till they retire and see how much this decision will impact their life! -Don’t you think if the government wanted to actually help American citizens, they would have put something in place for the “here & now”? I don’t even want to get into these accounts being inherited…. It is a nightmare! Employees set these up, because it is what society tells them to do… It is a work offering.. It is a work benefit…

GUESS WHAT? It is not…. Starting a savings for retirement- YOU NEED GUARANTEES and that is exactly what we offer!

We only want you to WIN in Retirement!

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