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What is retirement/asset protection?

While people spend their working careers accumulating assets in their retirement accounts such as; 401k/ 403b, IRA/ROTH IRA, Thrift Savings plan, CD’s, etc. They are in more risky accounts with market loss, market risk, no guarantees, front end fees, back end fees, extra taxes, no lifetime income, no illness coverage and potential probate court. However, what we offer through asset protection is no market loss, low or no fees, no market risk, avoids probate court, lifetime income, terminal illness coverage, other health illness coverage and even mortgage protection.

While every client is different with their needs, goals and financial positions. We strive to educate our clients on what they currently have and what we can offer them. We are not financial advisors, we are Asset Protection Specialists. We want to take those assets your financial advisor helped you build over several decades and protect them for you. We do this with no fees, no market risk and we have ways to defer taxes till you withdraw your money.

We have so many different options for this; clients can receive lifetime income and receive a check each month, every quarter, once a year... It really is up to the customer. They will also have a death benefit that is attached to this type of policy.

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