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Tax-Free Wealth

Let’s talk about retirement and savings for a minute…

You hear about 401K’s, Traditional IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, etc. Some people may set up individual brokerage accounts and manage their own funds.

But…. Have you heard people talk about tax-free retirements?

We know Roth IRA’s, Roth Conversions, Roth 401 (k)’s is used in combination to structure a tax free income stream. The goal is to have multiple streams of tax-free income, which doesn’t show up on the IRS’s radar as provisional income, but all of which contribute to you being in the 0% tax bracket in retirement.

Another option that can be added to this tax-free income stream is a Life Insurance Retirement Plan. Incorporating Indexed Universal life along with the other qualified retirement plans may help you hedge against higher future tax rates.

Most people will overlook life insurance as an option to retirement. Building wealth and a tax free supplemental retirement income through life insurance is a very powerful financial tool. Indexed Universal Life Insurance works similar to a Roth IRA in that is uses after tax dollars, grows tax free, and can be distributed tax free through policy loans.

The biggest benefit here is that there is no maximum contributions to this type of plan like your ROTH IRA and you don’t have to wait till you’re 59.5 to touch it.

We hate that most people just believe life insurance is for death. There is a policy specifically designed for final wishes called; Final Expense. Which is the basic function of life insurance. It is to provide a death benefit to the insured’s family in the event of premature death, but with today’s Indexed Universal Life we can cover three potential financial needs with one policy.

First is the Death Benefit, the second is Supplemental retirement income stream using the loan provision, and the third is a living benefit for chronic illness.


· Death Benefit for the family

· Tax deferred growth

· Provide tax free income through policy loan features

· Can provide living benefits through chronic illness rider for permanent disability or long term care (Which no one believes they need till they need it. It is very expensive.)

· Can put more money away than the current Roth IRA $5500 or $6500 if over age 50

· You don’t have the 59.9 rule

Most people don't know this is an option and guess what??? It is easy to set up and manage.

If you have your money sitting in a bank expecting to make money on it you will never double your money in your life time. Why not let your money work for you?

Did you know banks don't even keep their money in the "bank"? They are putting it in other investments to make them more money.. Why do you want to put your money in the bank when you are getting a -0.01% and they may even be charging you a monthly fee for your account.

We do understand that this is not the best option for everyone and we also know that their are people out their that are skeptic on this and that is okay. Keep putting your money in that 401K and take on that risk and those taxes....

We'd love to sit and chat with you and discuss your specific options and run illustrations that can show you what your money could do for you!

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