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Let's talk about Voluntary Benefits

Often employee-paid, voluntary benefits supplement traditional insurance. Employees can use that money to cover what regular insurance doesn't — like bills or daily expenses.

They enhance your company's insurance offerings and help employees prepare for life's unexpected challenges.

Small business owners wear many hats and the biggest complaint we hear is, "I can't keep employees." or "I lose employees to my competitor, because they offer benefits and we don't."

These are both common complaints with small business owners. It is tough, they spend time training someone and giving them an opportunity and then they go across town to the competitor with a little experience to get more pay and to get on their benefits.

Something we also hear is, "I can't afford to offer benefits." So, business with 50 or less employees are not required by the State to offer Major Medical (AKA Health coverage, CORE, etc.)

Small business owners can offer Voluntary Benefits (AKA Supplemental insurance). It costs business owners nothing to allow their employees access to benefits that are portable. That means even if they leave, retire or quit they get to keep their coverages.

Another great thing about voluntary benefits is they can be placed at any time of the year. Typically we enroll with the effective date as the following month on the 1st. A company then has a full month of payroll deducting before their first bill comes due.

Our plan administrator portal is top notch. It updates in live, so when you terminate an employee it automatically updates your bill. You can pay online and have access to online support.

Our carrier for worksite benefits is Colonial Life! We love working with Colonial. Their home office is one of the best in the business!

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