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Ben Kopp ​memorial

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Ben Kopp was an Army Ranger who knew by the age of thirteen that his destiny would include fighting for the freedoms of people he wouldn’t know. He made a declaration to serve his country because of his reverence for his great grandfather’s service in WWII and to avenge the deaths of the innocent lives lost on September 11, 2001. Arriving to train with the infantry of the United States Army just one month after he graduated from high school, Ben’s grit, determination and guts would take him across the globe through three deployments with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Sadly, giving his all would cost him his life, but not before saving the lives of ten people. On the battlefield he saved six of his brothers in arms, upon his death, in his last full measure of devotion, he became an organ donor, thus saving four more lives. His heart is still beating today. With his final wishes honored, Ben ensured that his love would outlast his life and his selfless sacrifice would not be forgotten. 

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Ben’s mother, Jill Stephenson, took the baton from her only child and continued giving in his name. Accepting the painful reality that she would no longer have her son’s physical presence to give her love to, she chose to take that love and give it to our veterans in his honor. The Ben Kopp Memorial Ride has taken place in Jill and Ben’s home state of Minnesota for twelve years, raising nearly four hundred thousand dollars for veteran’s causes. Jill now resides in Northwest Arkansas and is ready to expand that support and giving to veterans in this area.


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LKT Dynasty Group recognizes and appreciates the sacrifices our military families make. Additionally, we support our first responders and their families. We cannot pay back all that has been given to keep us safe across the globe and on the streets where we live. We can, however,  pay it forward and are committed to donating a percentage of our retail sales to the Ben Kopp Memorial Fund. The BKMF will support our veterans, gold star families and first responders by filling in the gaps where needs exist. We look forward to seeing you at local events, sharing our love for the red, white and blue and learning how we can help you ensure your freedom follows you into retirement.  

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Protecting your assets for protecting our ass.

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